Management Structure

Board of Directors

Frank Feist

Chairman of the board

Roland Assistance

Frank Feist is Chairman of the Board of Astrum Assistance Alliance and a member since 2012. Currently he is the CEO at ROLAND Assistance and on the Executive Board of ROLAND Schutzbrief. Before joining ROLAND in 2010 Frank held different senior sales positions in the Automotive and Service industry.

  • Alistair Hardie

    CEGA Group

  • Ryan Florijn

    Eurocross Assistance

  • Julio Agulló Iranzo

    Linea Directa Asistencia

  • Barbara Agoba


  • Agata Głodek


  • Jean-Christophe Rouxel

    SAVE Assistance

  • Niels Krag Printz

    SOS International

Roman Claren

General manager

Roland Assistance

Roman Claren, General Manager of Astrum Assistance Alliance, joined ROLAND Assistance in 1999. Having held a variety of positions over time, he is currently Head of Provider Management and responsible for all international relations. He has been involved in our joint venture since its inception.

Astrum management team

Astrum’s shareholders are all represented on the Astrum Board, a legal body that gathers several times a year to steer the activities and development of the Alliance. The Board is directed by its Chairman, Frank Feist. Astrum’s day-to-day ventures are overseen by its management team, made up of delegates from its shareholder companies. They work under the direction of Astrum’s General Manager, Roman Claren.