Roadside Network

Astrum Members are leading providers of Europe-wide roadside assistance services. Our renowned partners in the insurance, fleet management, leasing and rent-a-car sectors trust in our capabilities.

Thanks to our extensive pan-European network and local service partners, we are always within reach of a breakdown or accident, taking care of individuals and their mobility needs all over Europe. And, by drawing on the very latest technology and onboard diagnostic tools, we are able to facilitate a high rate of on-the-spot repairs.

With a fleet of road patrols and towing trucks, our comprehensive network is ready and waiting to assist all type of vehicles – even those at the cutting edge of technology, such as hybrid, LPG and electric cars.

Our consolidated assistance volumes around Europe help us secure the best possible quality of local service at the right costs.

The below map displays the distribution of our European technical assistance case volumes.

Central Europe

340.000roadside assistance cases


645.000roadside assistance cases

S/W Europe

455.000roadside assistance cases

85.000roadside assistance cases

S/E Europe

60.000roadside assistance cases